When you’re building a new house or renovating your existing property, you have to comply with a tangle of complex rules and regulations. For this reason, owners are finding it increasingly difficult to prepare their own resource consent applications. Often they lose money and time in the process.

For instance, if your application doesn’t meet the Council’s lodgement standards and is rejected, you stand to lose your deposit fee of up to $2000

Engaging the services of a planner will ensure that all relevant matters are covered. This gives your consent application the best chance of being approved in the shortest possible time.

The Planning Room are experts in obtaining resource consents for residential properties. All of our Planners have previously held positions as planners in the Resource Consents Team of the Auckland Council. We know how the council works and exactly what needs to be done to ensure that you get your consent as quickly and at the lowest cost possible.

As well as acting as your agent for the Council, we can coordinate project teams of architects and engineers for you – taking the stress and hassle out of getting your consent.